Vaccination against Covid-19 advances in Brazil, and capitals immunize new age groups and groups this Thursday (16).

In Fortaleza, for example, the city begins to apply the second dose of Janssen’s immunizing agent. The joint effort of the third dose of other manufacturers was extended until Sunday (19) in the capital.

The city of São Paulo continues applying the booster dose of the Covid-19 vaccine in adults this Wednesday (15). To receive the booster, the public must have completed the vaccination schedule, with the first and second doses, for at least four months.

In addition, those who have taken Janssen’s single-dose vaccine also receive an additional dose from Pfizer. The booster is given at least two months apart. The City of São Paulo decided to apply one more dose to those who received Janssen’s immunizing agent after the discovery of the new strain of coronavirus, which is already circulating in the capital. Learn more at Vacina Sampa .

Rio de Janeiro continues to apply the booster dose to people aged 57 and over, to healthcare professionals who completed the immunization five months ago, and to immunosuppressed patients aged 12 years or more whose vaccination has been completed for at least 28 days.