After the praised work as Massa in the super production Genesis Marcos Winter has just been confirmed in the cast of a new soap opera on Record.

The actor will join the cast of Reis already in recordings and scheduled to premiere in the first quarter of 2022 time he will play the character Ahithophel an adviser to King David.

Directed by the Argentine Juan Pablo Pires and written by Raphaela Castro Reis began her work in November using locations in ParanĂ¡ and has also started to use studios in Rio de Janeiro.

The cast brings together names such as Juliano Duda Fernando Dudu Vanessa Bueno Giselle Tigre Igor Cotrim Reed among many others.

The novel will be based on several books of the Bible such as Kings Chronicles Proverbs Song of Solomon Ecclesiastes Psalms and will have several seasons There will be few cores and few parallel wefts with a series footprint

At its beginning it will address the transition of Israels form of government before ruled by judges and later by the monarchy

It will quickly show the last two judges Eli and Samuel follow with the first kings Saul and David and then come the story of Solomon and all the others At that time the kingdom will split into two Israel capital Samaria and Judah capital Jerusalem.

The argument is very rich in palace plots oppression of the people alliances invasions going into captivity and destruction.

However the public will also be able to follow great miracles divine help Gods intervention every time the people or the king remembered and turned to Him.

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