The INSS (National Social Security Institute) may shortly suspend the payment of benefits, they are people who may lose their sick pay (aid for temporary incapacity) for not having scheduled the medical examination after a fine-tooth comb carried out by the Institute. The deadline given was until November 19 to carry out an expert appointment. According to the agency, at least 85,191 beneficiaries are at risk of having their payments interrupted.

Many people stopped making appointments through the Meu INSS website or app, via call 135 (which works from Monday to Saturday from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm).

The insured who did not schedule the medical examination within the stipulated period, the benefit will be suspended and will only be reactivated after the appointment of the medical examination. The person who does not contact the INSS after being called will have their help permanently ceased.

What is Temporary Disability Allowance?
The benefit for temporary incapacity (formerly sickness benefit) is granted to the worker in the case of illness or when he has suffered an accident that makes it impossible to carry out work and/or normal activities.

With the enactment of the Social Security Reform on November 19, 2019, the sick pay was renamed aid for temporary incapacity. The rule remains the same. The worker who is incapable of carrying out his work will be entitled to the benefit.

To be eligible, it will be necessary to prove the incapacity, which may be temporary (that which has a certain time for recovery) or permanent (that which does not have a specific time for recovery). when the incapacitation is permanent, the worker may request retirement due to permanent disability (formerly disability retirement).

The rule says that the insured person who is away from their work activities for more than 15 consecutive days may request the aid for temporary incapacity or even the aid for temporary accidental incapacity.

The benefit is only granted if the citizen is insured by Social Security (contributing to the INSS on a monthly basis). Whether mandatory, individual, separate or special insured.

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