The defendants will submit an amendment that has been approved by the Senate in an outbred that will help protect the margins of two courses of water The text defines a minimum length of preservation called Permanent Preservation Area APP of 15 meters in previously occupied areas guaranteeing protection of the regions The amendment was the result of an agreement to guarantee the approval of the Senate proposal.

Currently the Forest Code defines that a minimum range of APP is 30 to 500 meters depending on the length of the river or river.

The Chamber of Deputies approves this week a draft law that alters the Forest Code reviewing the municipalities or power to legislate on the protection of the margins of rivers streams and lakes in the urban area regulating the areas that need to be reserved A matter approved in the last quarterfeira now goes to the Sancho of President Jair Bolsonaro.

As a text approved by the Chamber or the municipality it will be able to establish a number of different dessas in urban areas that have already been built with a minimum required range Já as construções fiestas depois that or novo project enter into force ficarão subject to the norms of the code.

The approved project still defines that no case of existing projects on April 28 this year or the owner will be able to maintain the construction as soon as he meets the environmental compensation requirement to be defined by the competent municipal body.

In cases of public utility or social interest such as irregular occupations caused by a needy community this compensation may be collected collectively as determined by the competent municipal or district body.

This project was also defined as the consolidated urban area to be included in the urban perimeter or in an urban area with a directive plan or by specific municipal law not having an implanted road system be organized in blocks and predominantly built lots and have predominantly urban use characterized by the existence of residential commercial industrial institutional or service oriented buildings.

The project also defines that in order to be a consolidated urban area it needs to have at least two two infrastructure equipment available for at least two years drainage of rainwater sanitary waste supply of potential water distribution of electrical energy and public lighting and urban cleaning Coletta and solid waste management.

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