he rises in the Selic rate, determined by the Copom (Monetary Policy Committee), of the Central Bank, quickly change the life and bills of the common citizen. An example of this will occur with those who intend to take out a car loan in the next few days.

According to simulations made by Anefac (National Association of Executives) on interest variations on a term payment of a vehicle worth R$ 40 thousand in 60 months, the difference disbursed at the end of the period will be R$ 7,281.32 higher for those who postponed the signing of the contract until the end of this year.

Savings have record withdrawals in November, with outflows of R$12.4 billion, points out BC The Selic rate started 2021 at 2% per year and was only changed on March 17, to 2.75% , in the first of seven consecutive increases it suffered.

Whoever closed the financing of R$ 40 thousand in February, for example, will pay 60 installments of R$ 974.42 and a total of R$ 58,465.40. Those who left for the end of the year, with the basic interest rate at 9.25%, will have monthly fees of R$1,095.68 (R$121.26 heavier) and will pay R$65,740.72 in the end . That’s 12.45% extra expense for the driver in five years.

Selic is a parameter for the market to define the interest they intend to charge the consumer. In the case of companies that finance vehicles, the average used when the rate defined by the Copom was 2% per year was 1.34% per month. Now, with 9.25%, the sector must charge 1.80%.

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