President Jair published this Tuesday night (7) a provisional measure that institutes the Extraordinary Benefit for the beneficiary families of the Brazil Aid Program. Payments start this Friday (10).

The measure was signed by President Jair Bolsonaro and by the Minister of Citizenship, João Roma. The MP was published in an extra edition on Tuesday.

The provisional measure was the solution found by the Planalto Palace to guarantee the amount of R$ 400 to the families assisted by Auxílio.

Brasil in view of the difficulties for the approval in the National Congress of the PEC (proposal to amend the Constitution).

However, after an agreement, the National Congress is going to slice the PEC of the and enact this week only the excerpts validated identically in the two Houses.

Even so, the government decided to publish the provisional measure that guarantees the viability of Auxílio Brasil of R$ 400 with or without the promulgation of the PEC dos Precatório by the National Congress.

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